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New A La Carte Menu

Our A La Carte menu has had a bit of a makeover…

Megan from our Housekeeping team is currently studying Interior Design, so we roped her in and asked for a sketch of our skyline view.  We love what she’s put together!

We’ve also added some new dishes which we’ll continue to photograph for you all!

Thank you Megan!

Glasgow Taxi Outing

We had a good view today as the 72nd annual taxi outing got under way….

Once a year, many of the city’s drivers give up their time to create a special day for local children with support needs. Over 100 drivers get dressed up and decorate their taxis with colourful balloons. Over 300 kids are driven around the city and then taken down to Troon for a day at the beach.

We hope everyone involved has a great day! 

#GlasgowTaxiOuting #PeopleMakeGlasgow

Tuesday 20th June – The Tenement House

Today’s recommended event is the “The Tenement House” at Hillhead Library.

Free entry.  Talk begins at 6.30pm and lasts 75 minutes.  Arrive early to guarantee a seat.

Catherine Provan of the NTS Tenement House in Garnethill provides a rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th century, in the faithfully restored four-room house lived in by Miss Agnew Toward for over half a century.  Learn what it meant to be an “independent woman” in the first half of the 20th century, experience how ordinary folk lived, and appreciate how many of the household amenities we now take for granted were considered luxuries less than a century ago.

More information on – http://www.westendfestival.co.uk/events/talks-and-authors/the-tenement-house/

Friday 16th June – Mackintosh Chair Exhibition

Today’s recommended event is the “Mackintosh Chair Exhibition”.

£4 per person.  10am to 5pm.

Located in Mackintosh Queen Cross Church, you’ll find a full exhibition of Mackintosh styled chairs, all replicated by the city’s renowned furniture maker, Bruce Hamilton.  You’ll also be able to admire various other pieces within the church, including a Communion Table, Collection Plates and Elder’s Chair.  All designed by Rennie Mackintosh.

Further details available on www.mackintosh.org.uk.


Wednesday 14th June – BBC Comedy Presents

Today’s recommended event is “BBC Comedy Presents” at the Stand Comedy Club.

£4 per person.  Doors open at 7.30pm for 8.30pm.

As noted on their site –

Join BBC Comedy at the Stand for a night of brand new comedy.  See the start of some new stand-up material and comedy shows that are in development and be part of comedy history in the making.  Grab your tickets and have your say…bring your funny friends to see funny in the making!

More information is available at – http://www.westendfestival.co.uk/events/comedy/bbc-comedy-presents/

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